As with all other online gambling casinos, like poker, blackjack, slots, and so on, bingo too has become extremely popular among players across the world.

Online bingo halls are more popular and famous these days than their traditional land-based counterparts, and use a number of strategies to draw newer players to their games and also retain existing players. One of the most popular strategies online bingo halls employ is the bingo sign up bonus.

So what is the bingo sign up bonus? Who can avail the bingo sign up bonus? What does the bingo sign up bonus entitle you to at an online bingo hall? We will discuss all these and other aspects of the bingo sign up bonus as well in this article.

What is the Bingo Sign Up Bonus?

The bingo sign up bonus is the primary bonus that an online bingo hall or website gives new players who register with it. Online bingo halls give this bonus as incentive to prospective players to convince them to open accounts with the online bingo hall and play the games available.

The bingo sign up bonus basically gives players not just motivation to sign up with and play at an online bingo hall but also tangible benefits that they can use to have a fun and exciting online bingo experience without spending too much money of their own.

Free Bingo Sign Up Bonus

Generally speaking, there are three primary types of bingo sign up bonuses. These include free bonuses, bonuses that are instantly credited into your online bingo account, and released bonuses.

The free bingo sign up bonus is available at a number of online bingo halls; in fact most of them possibly have this bonus because of its popularity among online bingo players.

What makes the free bingo sign up bonus so popular is the fact that it is available to players even before they deposit money into their bingo accounts; it is free!

The amount you get as free bonus differs from one bingo hall to another. Also, depending on the site you are playing at, you may need to provide personal info including credit card details at the time of registering your account.

Other Popular Bingo Sign Up Bonus Types

Another popular bingo sign up bonus is the instant credit bonus. A new player may get an instant credit bingo sign up bonus when they have registered an account with the bingo hall and made their first deposit.

An instant credit bonus comes with minimal frills – you make your first deposit and the bingo hall deposits the bonus amount into your account.

Another bingo sign up bonus that you find in online bingo halls is the released bingo bonus. In this kind of bonus, how soon you get your bonus money depends purely on how much you play at the online bingo hall.

This type of bonus employs a technicality called the play-through – you have to play online bingo at the bingo hall a certain number of times to be eligible for the bingo sign up bonus on offer.